10 months: 08/2020- 06/2021

u15-u17 boys

(limited to 15 players)

SC Borea Dresden
Jägerpark 12,
01099 Dresden,

$19,500 full season (excl. flights)

The Program Includes:

  • 10 months train with academy coaches 4 times a week and compete in the German official youth system
  • Training Sessions on Grass, Turf or Indoor (walking distance to boarding school)
  • 1 full academic year at German accredited private school
  • Room and board in German Boarding school next to training facilities
  • Visa support
  • WI-FI
  • Receipt of Player Progress Report after completion of the program
  • Official WARUBI Player Profile
  • WARUBI representation depending on Player progress Report (College recruiting, pro careers, private & group sessions)


  • Learn a new language (German)
  • Platform/Opportunity to be seen by European scouts and clubs
  • Compete with and against German academy players in the official German youth league system (with promotion and relegation opportunities)
  • Experience the passion for soccer, soccer is the #1 Sport in Germany!
  • Complete a year of school (without losing a year)
  • Full immersion in a new culture
  • Meet new friends and build a Network that prepares for the future (college recruiting, jobs, …)
  • Memories that make you stand out and will last forever
  • Once in a lifetime experience


  • The academy is looking to select 15 players for the 2020/21 season!

    How to qualify:

    • Attend one of our ID Clinics. If you would like to attend one of the ID Clinics, please reach out to us
    • Get recommended from a trusted and qualified coach. Coach recommendationscan be submitted to camps@warubi-sports.com
    • Get scouted in showcase tournaments or league games by WARUBI staff.  You can request a review by contacting us before
    • Get scouted at one of our Soccer Camps by WARUBI certified staff

What is the program about?

The program brings high performing youth soccer players to Germany to train in a complete immersion program.

It is a talent identification and player development program bridging the US and Germany for dedicated youth players. Offering immersion in top German youth academies and exposure to Bundesliga coaches and scouts, the model is unlike any other.

We’re developing people, not just football players.


What makes it different?

It is a full immersion in the German (soccer) culture! Unlike other programs (who focus on selecting a team of players who then travel and compete only in scrimmages against German teams) our players will be joining an official German team which plays in the official German youth league system!

In fact, you will be surrounded by German players and coaches every day!

The academy creates a realistic environment on and off the field. Players will have to compete to earn a spot in the starting 11 and on the game day roster. However, the academy has several teams to guarantee playing time!

We believe at this age this approach is key for the development of each player’s personality and the ideal preparation to play in a competitive environment.

In addition, players will receive the coaching and training that has produced 20+ professional players.

How are the soccer academies in Germany ranked worldwide?

European has dominated youth soccer player development forever and Germany rank as one of the best countries for producing well-trained players.

Why is this project interesting for German pro clubs?

The club wants to scout American youth players in a European soccer setting. It is a “free” scouting tool for clubs. The Borea Dresden academy produced 28 players who went on to play professional (including Bundesliga and Champions League).

Why do you believe it’s important to bring youth soccer players to train in Germany?

For American youth soccer players, Germany is a great country to train in. 

From a systemic standpoint, the German youth development program is the best in the world.

When we talk about the comparison of not just the Bundesliga protocols but second, third, fourth and fifth levels of soccer in Germany, it’s a standardized pathway and the coaches are all extremely well educated.

Germany is the only country in Europe that guarantees a visa for Americans if they’re offered a contract — this doesn’t exist in any other country. For example, in the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK, Spain, France, among others, even if a player is good enough to earn a contract offer, he then has to hassle with the visa issue.

We also believe there’s an easier transition into the German football system. Most people in Germany speak English.

If you want a better product on the field, you have to start younger.

When American youth soccer players get into the German soccer system, they realize that there is a gap between what they experience on a daily basis in the United States and what they potentially would experience in an accelerated environment. 

This is the first thing you want players to become aware of, and this makes a big change in and by itself.

How long is the program for?

The program runs from August 2020 and until the end of June 2021. This is a cyclical program, so as we integrate our current players, we already start to identify for next year. This is a multi-year project.

Which pro clubs will be taking a look at the players?

Especially clubs who don’t have the financial resources of a Bayern or Dortmund are very interested in outside the box thinking. Since soccer is a huge business in Germany, agents are looking for the next Pulisic. They’re all interested in scouting players on site in European competition or invite them for trial. By partnering with us, they basically have an outsourced scouting department.

This of course does not mean that it is a free ticket to a pro club. “The truth is on the field” and the reality is that it is very competitive.

Where are the players going to be living?

SC Borea houses the region’s most promising talents in a boarding school, where kids ages 12-19 train with professional coaches 4 times a week. The boarding school is in walking distance to the training facilities.

How many players are you looking for?

15 boys, and then we’ll probably shortlist 4 or 5 talented youth players just beyond that, in case of injuries.

Where will the players practice?

They’ll be practicing at the training center of Borea Dresden, which is in walking distance of the boarding school.

If you were to describe the perfect player for the project  what would you say?

The perfect player would be a player with intelligence, with perfect technique, the ability to adapt to culture and languages, and one with the necessary good character to be successful in life.

Football development is the key in this project, it’s the reason we’re doing this, but it’s also about a young person’s overall development.

We don’t (solely) select based on the soccer level. We carefully analyze the family situation and each individuals intentions to join the program. Last but not least we want to make sure each player is ready to work hard, on and off the field.

This is not a pro tryout but rather a way to improve soccer, academic, personal, and cultural skills. However, there will be plenty of opportunities to get seen by top European scouts, agents, and clubs.

It is a big step to move to a different country (even tho it is for less than a year) and a once in a lifetime decision, so we want to make sure each player and his family stands 100% behind the project.

What is the level of coaches that will be coaching the players?

Our team coaches will have tremendous backgrounds in German player development but we will also be looking to bring in more top coaches and players from Germany who want to pop in for a week or two and share their knowledge.

You will be taking these players in Germany to see professional Bundesliga games?

Absolutely. Our players will be watching professional as well as some youth Bundesliga games as well.

What school will the players attend?

Players will be attending a school which has a full academic program.

This is very important — we absolutely cannot ignore is the academic side of the player development. The failure rate in professional football is so high that we have to be sure that the boys are all prepared to deal with life if football doesn’t work out for them.

Is this schooling in German, or is it in English?

It’s in German — but German as a Second Language.

How is an American player going to start taking classes in German?

First of all, we’ll be selecting all of our players by the Spring, so there will be ample time for preparation.

Wwhen they arrive in August, there will be a training camp — a full immersion program for three weeks before they attend school. 

The minute that they’re capable of assimilating into the normal class, whether it’s mathematics, biology, or world affairs, they will start taking those classes in German.

The average turn around for a typical player, without a long ramp up, is about three months. With the advanced ramp up and group setting that we’re doing, we expect that they should be able to transition well within 6 to 9 weeks.

The program also has an education coordinator who monitors the players and makes sure that they get their work done.

Is the program new?

Borea Dresden has a history of international youth players.

The players who attended the program were both technically and academically successful. We believe education is very important and the players returned to the US ahead of where they would have been academically if they had stayed home.

Will you help soccer players connect with clubs to play at when they return to the USA? 

Yes, of course. The players in the program will have played against some of the best young players in Europe. Upon returning to the states, some may join top Colleges or Academies. For others, there could be opportunities for each of them to stay in Germany, if they choose to. 

Players who don’t have the advantage of a European passport could still be identified by clubs that say, “We want this player. We’re not going to let him get away,” and then we can help facilitate regular visits until the player is 18 years of age and able to sign a contract.

Will your players play official league games?

Unlike any other program our players will have a full year official league schedule against German teams (and not just scrimmages). This is due to the status of our partner club Borea Dresden. It is unique because the players will be immersed in a German team and league instead of playing an unofficial schedule. 
Also, they will have opportunities for being scouted against other top academies.

For parents: When can I see my child?

Parents are always welcome and can visit any time they want. Parents are partners in this deal. All they have to do is pop in. We have several hotels in the area and Dresden is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany.

Compete, study and live in Germany,
one of the leaders in youth soccer development.

SC Borea is one of the preeminent youth football clubs in the German state of Saxony. Situated in the heart of Dresden, of one of Europe’s most beautiful baroque cities. SC Borea boasts alumni in all three professional German leagues (1-3 Bundesliga), including Champions League participants such as Tony Jantschke (Borussia Mönchengladbach).

SC Borea houses the region’s most promising talents in our boarding school, where kids ages 12-19 train with professional coaches 4 times a week. Borea has longstanding contacts with the region’s top professional football clubs and we place our alumni in the region’s top schools, universities, and companies; at Borea we believe in developing not only first class football players, but also first class people.

This is your chance to interact in a top-class training environment and to have one of the most memorable experiences of your lifetime! Not only will you be training with the region’s top talent, but there will be plenty of opportunity to travel throughout Germany and be exposed to foreign cultures—Berlin and Prague are both a 2-hour train ride from Dresden, and some of central Europe’s must-see sites are just around the corner.


Dresden City:

Dresden is the capital city of the German state of Saxony, and with around 550,000 inhabitants, it is the state’s second most populous city after Leipzig. It is the 12th most populous city of Germany, the fourth largest by area after Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne, as well as the third most populous city in the area of former East Germany, after (East) Berlin and Leipzig. Dresden is contiguous with Freital, Pirna, Radebeul, Meissen and Coswig, and its urban area has around 780,000 inhabitants, making it the largest in Saxony.

According to the Hamburgische Weltwirtschaftsinstitut (HWWI) and Berenberg Bank in 2017, Dresden has the fourth best prospects for the future of all cities in Germany.

tony_messi copy
Borea Dresden's Alum Tony Jantschke (captain) in the Champions League against FC Barcelona
Borea Dresden's Alum Toni Leistner in action vs. Borussia Dortmund
Borea Dresden's Alum Tobias Müller against Bundesliga side FSV Mainz 05
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