No! It is free to create your profile IF you are a former or current NCAA & NAIA player.

Our service fee is only if you choose to commit to an opportunity (=when everyone is happy), no strings attached.

We help your sports career, including but not limited to:

– Connection to national and international professional sports entities (e.g. agents, clubs)

– Connection to business jobs & grad school

– Connection to professional services (coaching, mentoring, financial & legal services)

We are INDEPENDENT and not tied to any agent, club, company. You & us work together towards the same goal= to make the most out of your career.

Every player needs different and multiple solutions + experts in order to achieve their player and human potential.

Example: An agent based in the USA might be the perfect expert for the MLS. An agent based in Europe might be a perfect fit if you want to play overseas. With us, you can get both depending on your goals.

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